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Looking to start a meet up

I am currently looking to find or start a meet up of partners, allies, family of transgendered/ questioning/ genderqueer/ two spirited people. Or if you are trans yourself thats great too. Pretty much this this group will be pretty open to who comes.
I have found groups at centers to go to but I am looking to something that is casual and a place for people to come and meet friends talk anything play games whatever we feel like doing.

Now details:
Meet up from Vancouver, BC or surrounding areas if you can come
I would like to arrange something if people are interested maybe once or twice a month.
Meet coffee places go for lunch have a picnic anything anywhere

Mainly I just want this to be a safe place we can come meet new people and talk about things we all may be experiencing and have fun.
If this sounds like something you will be interested in let me know comment, private message me, and we can look into starting something up.

Xposted numerous places sorry if you get this more then once.
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