Ander (lala_annie) wrote in queerbc,

Fruit Basket: Variety Show about Sex, Gender, Sexuality!

It's ripe and it's ready, and full to the brim with gender performance, music, poetry, dance, and more! Fruit Basket serves up a tasty variety show of performance focused on gender, sex, and sexuality for all ages to enjoy. With spurts of originality and a spatter of relevance, Fruit Basket will blow your mind like a watermelon in a microwave. Dress in drag and get in free!

Come on out and be a part of our "studio audience" for the infamous Fruit Basket "Radio Show" being broadcast live from the Cultch May 21st at 8pm sharp. Mrs. Lovely, our MC/renowned advice expert will guide us through the evening, solving callers' and audience members' dilemmas regarding sex, relationships, and everything in between. If her wise words aren't enough, the spectacular dance, drag, and musical performances are sure to do the trick.

May 21st, 8pm @ The Cultch (Victoria and Venables, East Van)
Wheelchair Accessible!
Interpreted into American Sign Language!

Part of the 2010 IGNITE! Vancouver's Youth-Driven Arts Festival May 17-22
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