Olivia Jo (princessjoanne) wrote in queerbc,
Olivia Jo

ATTENTION youth aged 13-24!

  ATTENTION youth aged 13-24!
You loved it in the past, you know you're gonna love it again....

You are invited to attend the 4th annual Gender Blender!

Presented by the IGNITE! Youth-Driven Arts Festival and the Fruit Basket variety show, Gender Blender will be an evening of discussion about all things related to sex, gender and orientation...and fruit smoothies!

Bring a piece of fruit for smoothies and your thoughts, questions and experiences on topics including, but not limited to: sex, gender, sexuality, queer issues, dating, and relationships.

Come to the Green House beside The Cultch at 6:00pm on Friday, February the 11th. We'll provide the blenders, berries, and milk products (vegan and non-vegan smoothies provided).
Where: Basement of The Green House beside The Cultch (885 Venables St)
When: 6pm, February 11th. 2011
Don't forget to bring a piece of fruit!
Event taking place on ground level and is accessible by wheelchair. The bathroom is quite small and could be hard to access. Further accessibility inquiries welcome.


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