filteredminds (filteredminds) wrote in queerbc,

born to love

The sun almost sets and I get this weird feeling like I was losing my mind,
I just cant stop thinking about Marie. She's at another place and I miss
her terribly. I keep telling her how much I love her and she said the same,
but I cant figure out if its just friendship or she too is falling for me.
But sometimes I think or I just want to think that she's sending me
signals; you know body languages and stuff. I still remember when I was 13
and she was 14 and we are young and still in high school where uncertainty
becomes everyone's issue, it was a very hot sunny afternoon of august when
I first heard the words other people say to the people they really care
about, I love you was being shouted at the whole school in front of many
people and that really makes me think twice.

After 8 years of being courted by men, we are still single and some kind of
don't want to be in a commitment. Sometimes we cant help ourselves well
even in public, we are still close, I mean really close like holding each
other while ordering food, make sweet gestures when every eye is looking,
well I don't care as long as I'm happy. Since then there has been an
unanswered question between us, we don't need to say it coz we can feel it,
but there is still a problem.
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